Friday, January 13, 2012

Lesson learned on a Friday the 13th

     I'm not superstitious so even if yesterday was Friday the 13th, it was just any ordinary day for me. I got up early as it didn't rain that morning and took my morning walk to the city. When I got back home an hour later I decided to make some corn muffins after I stumbled upon this post of corn muffins a la Kenny Rogers. It was the first time I'd be using cornmeal and I was so excited.

     Cornmeal isn't actually sold here in my city so I had to make one myself. I bought a bag of popcorn and had it milled at the market. Because I haven't seen cornmeal before, I wasn't sure of the consistency of the grind. I thought that if I have it milled too fine it might end up like cornflour, so I decided to have it coarsely ground. I also bought some raw sweet corn.

    I steamed the sweet corn and shredded the kernels, and then followed the recipe as per instruction.While I waited for it to cook, I made some natural Buko shake (coconut smoothie). Dad bought coconut yesterday and there were leftovers.Since coconut spoils easily we store them in the freezer. It was very convenient that the coconut water was semi-frozen so I didn't have to add ice or water. It tastes so good and is actually better than the commercial Buko Ilonggo served at the mall. I just had to add very little sugar as the coconut water itself is sweet.

     When I pulled out the muffins from the oven I was surprised that it didn't rise. I was so expecting the same result from the recipe photos. And then when it was cool enough I gave it a try...

     I opened it and saw all the corn kernel goodness within. It smelled so good. But when I took a bite I knew immediately what went wrong. The cornmeal was still coarse and the muffins had a rough texture. It tasted good, though, but wasn't as appetizing as it wasn't smooth. I was surprised that my dad liked it, he ate a lot actually. He said it tasted good nonetheless and his dentures can handle it. Awwwww. :)

     Lesson learned, next time I'll have the cornmeal ground very fine.

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