Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 2

     For the past few months I've been cranky, moody and depressed. I gained weight and I was always tired and lazy. All because I stopped working out. I used to always, always workout, I go out for a run or do pilates in my room, however ever since I had my pixie cut and had tv in my room, I just lost my drive to look good, thinking that whether I keep shape or not, nothings gonna ever happen in my life. 3 years of trying to "look good" and my life's still the same. My friends who I workout with and keeps me motivated suddenly were away and I felt abandoned again. I got chicken pox and my flawless face which was all that I can count on was filled with scars. I felt so defeated: I lost my shape, my hair and my face. I felt ugly. So I gave up.
     I tried to get in shape again, but doing it on my own was hard. So yesterday I decided that I needed help, and downloaded Jillian Michael's videos and wow, I missed out on a lot. I almost passed out but afterwards I felt great. This morning I felt so sore it was a pain to bend over or step up the stairs. But it was a pleasant kind of pain, and I loved it. Day 2 and I'm keeping it up.
     What was amazing was that I didn't crave AT ALL, which in my book, is a miracle. Had really clean meals, following her 4x4 system, eating 4x a day every four hours. Had breakfast at 8, lunch at 12, snacks at around three, worked out at 4 and had dinner at seven. I actually ate dinner.
     I hope I stay loyal on this 30 day program. Fingers crossed!


  1. Keep it up, ur doing well. Take one step at a time to keep motivated. Anyway thank you for your angel cake recipe. :)

  2. Keep it up. I have been working out for the last 3 months...Been trying to be back in shape. I have gained about 40lbs probably because of my medical condition but happy that I am now starting to be where I used to be :)


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