Angel Food Cake. Angel food cake is every weight watcher's dream, it's light, fluffy, perfectly sweet, packed with protein and contains no fat. I call this a meringue cake, or meringue with flour, because the ingredients is basically for that of a meringue plus cake flour.
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Black Sambo. In the gourmet world it's chocolate panna cotta, at home it's milk-chocolate jelly, in the supermarket it's chocolate pudding, but for us Filipinos it's black sambo. However you call it, this dessert will definitely have you saying uhmmmmm. Read More

Carrot Cake. I'm not really a fan of carrots, but this cake is just delish. If you're a beginner baker like me, I would recommend trying this one. It's very easy to make and the ingredients are quite handy. I made this cake with the cream cheese frosting when I was just starting to try my hand at baking. Read More
Diet Chocolate Cake. Got that chocolate craving but can't give in to all that calories? I have the answer for you - diet soda cake. This is a low calorie, fat-free, vegan dessert which is insanely so easy to make. 
Frozen Corn Pudding. I wanted to make Maja Maiz or Corn Pudding but father dearest placed it in the freezer and oh dear Lord was it so much better frozen. It was thick and a bit gooey, it was even better than ice cream.  Read More

Low Fat Pie Crust. Did you know that a  traditional single pie crust has at least 180 calories per serving? With 105 calories from fat (11.7 g)? And that's the pie crust ALONE, leave the filling, whipped cream, crumbed topping or top crust. 

Oatmeal Nut Bars. Who doesn't love the rich, moist, chewy goodness of oatmeal cookies? These, for me, are the ultimate anti-depressants. They're quick to whip up, and disappear even quicker. They're great as gifts too, just wrap 'em up and put in a fancy box.  Read More
Pumpkin Flan. Pumpkin is my all-time favorite vegetable. I am not a veggie eater as a child, but if I had it my way, i would eat laswa with kalabasa (pumpkin) and alugbati (vine spinach) everyday. When I discovered that you can make a flan with kalabasa, I was so excited to try it. Read More

Pumpkin Pudding. I love to experiment, and since the successful diet soda cake, I have been so excited to try on making non-fat desserts. First thing I wanted to make was a flan cake, specifically a pumpkin flan cake. Read More

Express Ube Halaya. Ube Halaya is a traditional Filipino dessert made from purple yams (ube) that is served during special occasions and is also an ingredient in making halo-halo. Ube or purple yam is basically a sweet potato that is purple in color. Read More


Rellenong Bangus (Milkfish). I wasn't a fish eater, but when I turned 14 I had to be one because during the Lenten Season we had to fast and that meant to abstain from any food product that was pleasurable, and one of those is meat. But this dish is not something that isn't pleasurable at all, in fact it is a special dish. Read More
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