Sunday, January 8, 2012

How sleep affects your mood

     Hi everyone! I haven't been able to blog recently due to the holiday season. My sisters and family came over for Christmas and for the first time in 2 years we were complete. Well, except for mama. :( I had a lot to blog about after the New Year but my sis accidentally deleted all my files in my camera so I have nothing. I'm still trying to recover the photos, though.

     Hello 2012! A new year, a new life. As for me, a new bed. When my sissies came over our Tita lent us a queen size bed, and when they left I had it all for myself. It was the best bed ever, and oh the horror of it.

     Conveniently located at the far edge of the room by the window, away from the TV and right in front of the clock was every early bird's nightmare. The cold January breeze from the trees right out the window would lullaby me to sleep and whenever I do wake up I would not have to get up to know what time it is as I would just take a little peep at the clock. Waking up late, reading, eating, using the computer on the bed, augh! What a way to start the year. It had a very negative effect on my mood, too.

       Before the holidays I developed a routine of getting up at 7 and taking a 30 min walk to the city, I was productive and always in high spirits. But now, I wake up at 10  and I noticed I was getting groggy, grumpy and rude. I seem to have negative thoughts all the time and tend to procrastinate. I try to make up for it by taking afternoon walks with my dad or doing late night chores, but it doesn't seem to work.

      So right now, I'm planning to return my Tita's bed ASAP. I know I shouldn't be blaming the bed in the first place. Or the weather. Hehe :)

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