Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee

     Disclaimer: I am not promoting this product nor paid to do so, these are just my experiences and opinions.

     April 2011. At 58 kgs (128 lbs), I was at my heaviest. Ugh. Something has to be done. But I just can't give up food that easily, I looooove to eat. Fad diets doesn't work, I don't want to try pills or herbals, and I have no time for the gym. There must be a short cut. But honestly, there isn't. Loosing weight is all about hard work, I know that, yet I was still looking for that quick fix.

    I met a friend I haven't seen in a long time and I was so surprised at how much she had lost weight. I asked her what she did and her answer was simple: slimming coffee. Ok. Meds and herbals is a no-no for me. These diuretic, appetite suppressant, laxative, herbal medications has side effects and I don't want to ruin my kidneys. But somehow, after searching the web for reviews and opinions, I ended up buying a box. Maybe I was desperate.

    I bought Leisure 18 slimming coffee from a chinese herbal stall at the mall for P180. There are no specific instructions at the box on how to use it, but based on the web, you take it like your morning coffee for 18 straight days (it had 18 sachets). It tastes like coffee (coz it is coffee) with a herbal after taste. You can add cream, milk or sugar to suit your taste, but I had it plain. I can't remember what happened on that first day except maybe that I was thirsty all the time and that my throat was dry. It's a diuretic and an appetite suppressant, so you have to keep yourself hydrated. After 2 days I decided to stop because I was uncomfortable with the side effect, and after a few days I had sore throat.

     June 2011. I gave the Leisure 18 another try, but this time I just used half the sachet. I kept myself hydrated this time and the results came in FAST. The way it suppresses my appetite was amazing. Since I'm not really a breakfast person, I would just have a piece of fruit in the morning and just have water until lunch. Lunchtime I cut back on rice entirely and ate lean meat, veggies and fruit. Then just water again until dinner. I followed the nothing-after-6 rule and had fruits at 4. After a few days I saw results on my tummy immediately. After a week I paired it with exercise and then I stopped at day 16. I still have a few sachets left.

     Leisure 18, like all slimming coffees and diet pills are not met for long-term use. It's dangerous for the kidneys because of it's diuretic effect and when used in excess can be hazardous to your health. I recommend to use it to jump start any diet regimen, and not as a weight loss solution. For people like me who just can't give up food, Leisure 18 helped me curb my appetite, and in the end I was able to control my appetite on my own. I was able to develop a diet and exercise routine on my own, lived a healthy and active lifestyle and stuck on that. Because the bottom line of weight lose is healthy lifestyle.

     Conclusion. Leisure 18 is not a weight loss solution. Shedding those pounds is still (and will always be) based on diet and exercise. 


  1. it was effective for me. but yes, you should exercise to give your body some tone.

  2. You wish that you were slimmer but do not have enough slimming tips to follow.
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  4. chin2 no side effects naman? and how long ang effect?

  5. chin2 no side effects naman? and how long ang effect?

  6. my halong drugs ito..wag kayo magtake..naibalita na toh dati sa 24oras

  7. my halong drugs ito..wag kayo magtake..naibalita na toh dati sa 24oras

  8. hi were can i buy this coffee in canada

    1. Hi! I just read your query. I am not sure if there's one selling in canada but from the philippines we can send it to you. It costs p450/box, that's for the authentic. If you're interested you can email me @


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