Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Baseline's Delicacies - a taste of home

     Pasalubong is a Filipino tradition of a homecoming gift. It's a souvenir a tourist would usually bring home from a trip. Back in the day when you visit Roxas City, besides the seafood, tourists would usually bring home boxes of delicacies like barquillos, piaya, and barquiron and there was only one place to get the best - Baseline's.

     Baseline's was the to go shop when it comes to pasalubong, and barquiron was it's no. 1 export. Barquiron is a small wafer roll filled with powdered milk and sugar. It's like a combination of barquillos and polvoron, but not as fragile and sweet. It's a favorite among locals and tourists alike, and because of it's popularity I used to think of it as a local invention. Baseline's used to have a shop in Plaridel St., Roxas City, and since it's been a long time since we bought there last, I was a surprised to know it was no longer there. What was more surprising was that it's no longer "made in Roxas City" but imported from Guimbal, Iloilo City.


     When I came to Manila for a visit last week, my sister asked for Baseline's Piaya. Piaya is like a thin shortbread with Mascovado (raw sugar) filling. I searched high and low at the shelves of several grocery stores, only to find them (of all places) sold exclusively at a hardware store at Roxas Ave. (I forgot the name of the shop, but it's located beside William's Auto Supply). I bought some barquiron as well for old time's sakes.

     Baseline's Piaya is thinner compared to other piaya brands. Unlike other piayas with thick and flaky flour layer, Baseline's only has a thin sheet of flour covering the sugar so you get more of the mascovado goodness rather than just bread. And since it's not that flaky, you won't have to worry about the mess you'll make while eating them. It's not oily, nor overpoweringly sweet, just the right balance of sweet piaya goodness. My sister just loves them.

     A pack of Piaya (10 pcs) for only P32 and Barquiron (50 pcs) for P38.

     Dr. Baseline Negro-Bartolome - Proprietor
     Igcocolo, Guimbal, Iloilo City
     Cell: 09192116162

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