Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sunday Lunch

     On Sundays our house helper goes on a day off so the day's chores are thrown at my lap which includes cooking, cleaning, washing the dishes and feeding the dog. Not that I complain, I like to cook, especially when I feel confident about what I'm making.

     Well since it's just me and my dad, I didn't want to make elaborate meals with lots of leftovers, so for months now I only make my 30-minute spaghetti which is easy breezy and is good enough for Sunday lunch, afternoon snack and even dinner.

     Sadly today we didn't have any tomato sauce and I was too lazy to go to the supermarket so I settled with whatever I can use. 

     I made Honey Grilled Chicken and  Corn Slaw. I don't have a recipe for this since I made them in a trial and error basis but here are the ingredients that I used.

Honey grilled chicken
  soy sauce
  calamansi juice (lime juice)
  garlic, crushed
  worcestershire sauce

Corn Slaw
  cabbage, chopped
  carrots, grated
  corn kernels
  pickle relish
  onion, diced
  salt and sugar

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